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Short biographical details of authors are included at the front of Journal issues 1-24. From no. 25 onward they are at the end of each article.

Adolph, Anthony
Thomas Hickin, Catholic goldsmith  14/90

Albainy, Tracey
Hanoverian royal plate in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  14/14
German silver in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 19/105

Alcorn, Eleanor
Introduction: new perspectives on rococo silver 20/8

Ashton, Norman
A metallurgist looks at old silver  II/5-6:103

Baker, Malcolm
‘Most curious and costly’; the silver made for William Beckford of Fonthill   II/11:213

Baños, Fernando Gutiérrez
The chalice of Bishop Bustamante  11/233

Banister, Judith
A postscript to the Barnard ledgers  III/1:38
Identity parade: the Barnard ledgers  II/9-10:165
Pepys and the goldsmiths  I/10:9
Pocket nutmeg graters  II/2:45
Silver of the Channel Islands  II/75
Some ingredients of silver toilet services  II/2:37
A basketmaker’s accounts with some 18th century silversmiths  I/9:21

Barker, Robert B
Jamaican goldsmiths, assayers and their marks from 1665—1765  III/5:133
Jamaican goldsmiths — some early 18th century inventories  III:7-9:190
Proposals for an assaying system in Pennsylvania 1753-1770 2/75
See also Beet, Brian

Barlow, T.E.
A badge and a ticket for the Wine Label Circle 4/158

Barrett, Geoffrey
The Haslewood family of Norwich  I/3:7
G.N. The Norwich assay: 1564—1702  II/7-8:124

Barry, Clare
see Eatwell, Ann

Beasley, David
Thomas Maundy:some aspects of the life of a 17th century goldsmith  III/7-9:178
Rule Britannia! three hundred years of ‘23 carat silver’ 9/532

Beecroft, John
On collecting wine labels  II/2:34

Beet, Brian
Foreign snuffbox makers in eighteenth century London 14/49
Huguenot refugees from Anjou 10/12
John Pickhaver  14/95
Thomas Hyde and his successors 10/16

Beet and Barker, Robert B.
A ‘Sterling’ mark employed by Joseph Richardson Sr  11/230

Begeer, Sebastiaan
Vocational training in the Netherlands  9/579

Bell, Chris
The Pingo family and eighteenth-century hallmarking 19/41
See also McKinley, David

Benedikz, Phyllis
The early records of Birmingham Assay Office 16/103
See also Priestley, Philip

Benney, Simon
Dining silver of the Institute of Chartered Accountants 19/149

Bentley, Peter: Changes to the Hallmarking Act 22/115

Bernbaum, Anthony
More light on the Liberty Cymric metalwork Venture. An evaluation of the contribution of Oliver Baker 26/98

Bimbenet-Privat, Michèle and Mitchell, David
Words or Images: descriptions of plate in England and France
1660-1700  15/47

Bleuzen, Alice
The French origins of the Harache, Margas and Pantin families 28/12

Bliss, Simon
Thoroughly modern: reflections on the work of Jean Puiforcat  15/141
'Cubistic claptrap' ? Erik Magnussen's The Light and Shadows of Manhattan of 1927 21/113
The Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris 22/77

Boughton, Peter
A pair of silver seal matrices for the County Palatine of Chester 7/409
Chester’s new silver gallery 4/145
Museum acquisition /Chester  14/143

Breckenridge, Jean
Robert E. Stone (1903-90) 15/150

Brett, Vanessa
Chains of office and a 'Jews Cup' 22/27
Pewter and its links with silver  III/6:150
A century of sales 7/357
Silver today: the role of the client 8/514
Twentieth century silver from Clarence House  14/5
A coda on John Duck  14/106
‘The Compleat Appraiser’  15/97
The great (and lesser) toyshops 16/117
See also Sale, Anthony J.H.
Chains of office and a ‘Jews Cup’. Richard Hoare’s purchases from John Curghey and John Kemp in his mayoral year 22/27
The paper trail of eighteenth-century retailers 26/17, corrections 27/111

Buck, Alex
Silver by Leslie Durbin at New College, Oxford 10/103

Buckingham, David and Jane Ringrose
The Foundress’s Cup of Pembroke college, Cambridge 25/14

Burstyn, Dorothea
A Canadian wine jug 23/69
The evolution of dining habits, modes of entertaining and marketing methods 25/19

Cameron, Peter
Henry Jernegan, Charles Frederick Kandler and the client who
changed his mind 8/487
The first ‘castle tops’. A short examination of some Birmingham
topographical souvenirs and their makers 1825-38  12/65
A cup stolen from Frederick Kandler  14/95

Cartier, Nicole: 22/15
The Elie Pacot surtout 6/296

Carver Weiss, Beth
The Verplanck family silver: fashion and politics in colonial New York 20/104

Cassidy-Geiger, Maureen
'Quelque chose de beau et de bon gôut': a silver gilt toilet service for the
Dresden Doppelhochzeit of 1747 20/46
Ein neues silbern Französisches Tafel Service: Linking the Penthièvre-Orléans service to Dresden 22/123
Sugar and silver into porcelain: The conditorei and court dining in Dresden under Augustus III 22/152

Citroen, Karel
My favourite fake  III/3:73
Some Dutch fakes and forgeries  II/5-6:89
Silver in a painting by Jeremias van Winghen 5/239
The faking Feeterses 13/123
Rembrandt’s Sophonisba  14/92

Clayton, M.D.G.
Archery prizes and medals  I/11:17

Clements, Eric
Modern silver design  I/8:26

Clifford, Helen
Silver in context: The Watkin Lewes silver table 2/61
Calculating goldsmiths 6/276
Goldsmiths of invention: hidden connections and alternative
occupations 9/574
Nicholas Herrick 9/575
The Vulliamys and the silversmiths 1793-1817 10/96
Of consuming cares: attitudes to silver in the eighteenth century  12/53
Verve and Vision: Paul Dyson at the Goldsmiths' Company 2001-2013, 29/109

Coates, Kevin
The Angel’s Wing 5/222

Cohen, Frederick E.
Silversmithing in the Channel Islands 9/538

Conroy, Rachel
Letters from America: James Dixon & Sons and the American market, 1835-63 21/105
The work and legacy of the Sheffield Artcrafts Guild 23/47
Two years of silver at Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum of Wales 27/91

Constable, David
The Ellis catalogues  14/128

Corbin, Donna and Malenka, Sally
A Magnificent Deception: the re-evaluation of a pot à oille from the Parisian Service in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art 28/62

Cousins, Julian
Pierre Harache I and II 19/71

Coutts, Howard
Silver at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham 25/79

Crawford, Claire
The Knesworth Chandelier: a silver branch in memory of Sir Thomas Knesworth 27/27
The Portsmouth lectern: the commission of a lectern for the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers 29/112

Crosskey, Gordon
The early development of the plated trade  12/27
A case of late payment 28/112
"Wasting a great quantity of silver" 29/12

Culme, John
Beauty and the beast; the growth of mechanisation in the trade  II/9-10:158
The most shocking fakes' 2/86
A devoted attention to business: An obituary of Philip Rundell 2/91
The new approach  10/7
The embarrassed goldsmith, 1729-1831. Eighteenth century
failures in the London jewellery and silver trades  10/66
Trade of fancy: new findings from eighteenth century London  12/98
The 'goose in a dotted circle'  14/97

Curb, Charles S., Hood, William P, and Olso, John R.
Gorham's Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware 28/173

Dane, P.P.R.
A French chalice in Portsmouth  I/8:7

Davidson, Simon
John Denziloe of London. A goldsmith working in Aldersgate 1774-1805 16/125
Tackle House Porters 16/130

- and Cathlyn Davidson
Chester silver: two short articles  14/129
Peter Hopwood: a goldsmith in Preston 21/43
Goldsmiths that keep running cashes, 27/97
John and SamuelRichardson: Seventeenth-century goldsmiths, their marks and lives 26/5

Deelder, Theo
Andrew Moore of Bridewell: almost forgotten and disguised?  11/178
Update on the Windsor Castle table  14/20

Delamer, Ida
Irish freedom boxes  III/1-2:18

Dicks, Sophia
'Perfume for a lady's chamber' - a seventeenth-century perfume burner 23/141

Dietert, Rodney R. and Dietert, Janice M.
The 'figure-between' goldsmiths of eighteenth-century Edinburgh 21/49
James Mitchelson - his legacy restored 21/53

Delamer, Ida and O’Brien, Conor
Dublin hallmarks: A reappraisal of date letters used 1638-1756 11/158

Dobie, Kirkpatrick
The siller gun 10/44
A medallion for the ‘Siller Gun’  13/61

Dolan, Nicholas
Newcastle silver in the collection of the Laing Art Gallery 9/534

Donohoe, Ted
Quebec captured — Dublin rejoices  14/124
A silver bottle shade  14/126

Dove, Anthony B.L.
Refunding of duty on the export of silver 4/130
House of Commons sessional papers  12/85
Top marking on flatware  14/123
Plate duty. Its origins, marks and variations 22/105
Further observations on plate duty and its marks 23/111

Down, Ferelith
Coin clipping and the window tax  II/7-8:114

du Boulay, A.J.H.
Some parallels in silver and ceramic forms  I/7:18

Dunlop, Francis
Sybil Dunlop (1894-1968) 15/138

Eatwell, Ann
Capital lying dead: attitudes to silver in the nineteenth century 12/59
Furnishing a late Victorian dinner table 23/53

- and Clare Barry
Nonconformist silver in England 21/59

Edge, V.E., A.M. and J.J.
The colour of enamels on germanium and traditional Sterling silver alloys 19/161

Ellis, Martin
Collecting contemporary silver at Birmingham Museum
& Art Gallery 16/4

Elwes, Rachel Layton
A new addition to African American silver  13/14
The Croft cups: a note on their provenance  13/62

English, Christopher
The Silver Trust  13/10
Golden Jubilee commissions  15/166

Evans, David
Changes to the Hallmarking Act 1973  11/129

Fairclough, Oliver
Mrs Strangways’s silver 8/474

Fales, Martha Gandy
The letter book of Joseph Richardson  III/5:127

Fallon, John
The Goulds and Cafes, candlestick makers  II/9-10:146
Two covered cups with stands 10/117
Researching the Barnard Ledgers  13/128
The House of Barnard 25/42
The Pottinger plate 29/89

Fennimore, Donald L.
American bird-decorated spoons  13/27

Fewster, Mary
Norfolk goldsmiths  14/87

Fitzgerald, Alison
Oliver St George’s passion for plate 22/33

Forbes, John S.
Fakes and forgeries in silver  I/2:4
Change of date letter at the London Assay Office  12/82
Eighteenth century ‘duty dodgers’  13/119

Fothringham, Henry Steuart
The records of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of
Edinburgh 5/187
Silver appearing before the Reviewing Committee on the Export of
Works of Art 1953-1993 6/302
The Darnley Jewel  13/52
The Strathmore silver inventory of 1695  13/81
Scottish goldsmiths’ apprenticeships  14/79
Saint Eloi (circa 588-660). Patron saint of Scottish goldsmiths 15/7
Scottish goldsmiths’ weights  15/68
The over-optimism of Octavius Morgan  15/114

Fortescue, William Irvine
James Ker, 1700–1745: Master goldsmith and Edinburgh politician, 27/32
Jame Ker and Ker and Dempster, 1745-68, 28/117

Fox, Ross
Robert Cruickshank, silversmith of London and Montreal 23/83
English silversmiths and goldsmiths in Canada during the Eighteenth century 26/69
Lois Etherington Betteridge, Pioneer of a craft Revival in Canada 25/5

Fritz, J.M.
Protestant communion plate in Germany 19/112

Gadd, Jan and Homer, Ronald
Fake and pseudo silver marks on pewter 10/46

Garibaldi, Christopher
see Jones, Kathryn 21/25

Gill, Margaret A.V.
Newcastle silversmiths  II/11-13:180

Glanville, Philippa
Robert Amadas, goldsmith, court jeweller to King Henry VIII  III/5:106
Chinese porcelain and the English goldsmiths, circa 1550—1650  III/6:156
Lionel Crichton 19/110
People 22/15
Problems of mounted objects  III/7-9:229
People interview with Richard Vander 23/17

- and Gordon Glanville
'French fancy' silver from Paris and English patrons 20/16

Glynn, Gale
Heraldry on English silver  III/1-2:6
Some tontines commemorated on English plate 8/445
Royal heraldry on silver 1714-1837  14/21
Criminal proceedings involving silver and silversmiths  15/79
Richard Meyrick — an English engraver working in Philadelphia 19/65
The Ormond(e) titles 23/121

Goldsborough, Jennifer F.
Fit for a gentleman's table: revised thoughts on rococo silver in Maryland 20/86

Goodall, John
Gold and silver in the ancient Far East  III/5:124

Goodway, Eileen
The Rapilliart family. David Willaume, his son, their
apprentices - part I 10/56
David Willaume and his apprentices, part II: further research  11/140
Gleanings on Daniel Garnier  12/125
Ongoing research 16/124

Grant, Ronald
Drawback and Smuggling  4/131
The Ireby cup 9/581

Gray, P.C.
A Cambridge Wait’s badge  I/9:20
Drinking vessels of the 17th and 18th centuries  I/2:9

Griffin, Eric
The account book of William Palmer, Master engraver 1735-1812 10/53

Grimshaw, Margaret
The three Gabriels  II/7-8:141
Why school medals?  III/5:137

Grimwade, Arthur
Earl Fitzwalter’s London household accounts  I/2:9
The Garrard ledgers  I/4:1
The auctioneer and his public  I/10:7
Some treasures of Anglo-Jewish silver  II/1:11
The rise and fall of Rococo  II/5-6:91
Georgian church plate  II/11-13:222
Michael Clayton: A tribute 2/103
A Tudor plate inventory examined  4/124
Judith Banister: A tribute 5/242
New light on the English Royal plate 7/369
Cardinal Wolsey’s plate 9/573
Silver in eighteenth century wills 9/583
London goldsmiths 1697-1837: Additions to biographical entries 9/605
Paul de Lamerie’s bills 10/60

- and J. Banister
A case of mistaken identity; Thomas Jenkins  II/11-13:105

Gubbins, Martin
The assay office and silversmiths of York 1776—1858  III/3:74
Re-discovering Paul Storr’s grave 6/288
Close plate  12/41
Marks on close plate  15/115

Hagemann, Alfred
New discoveries concerning the Berlin silver buffet 22/117
A Prussian rediscovery - two Elizabeth chain bottles in Oranienburg Palace 23/135

Halliwell, E.O.
The so-called Buddha knops of Barnstaple  I/9:3

Hare, Susan M
English silver since the fifties  III/7-9:207
The history of the Goldsmiths’ Company from their records  II/11-13:174
A tribute to Paul de Lamerie 4/160

Harris, Loretta and Mckay, Tinker
Chapel Plate for Nova Scotia 28/24

Hartop, Christopher
New light on Spanish seventeenth-century silver  1/5
Patrons and consumers: buying silver in eighteenth-century London 20/34
Norwich goldsmiths 1700-1800 21/73
Sir Robert Walpole's silver 29/24

Hawker, Peter
The Lincoln Cathedral treasury of diocesan plate  I/7:8
The Cunliffe beaker 9/580
Lincolnshire makers of church plate  11/185

Hawkins, John
Alexander Crichton and Through the Looking Glass, 27/104

Hayward, Helena
English rococo designs for silver  II/3-4:70

Hayward, John
Ambassadors’ plate  I/3:4
Erasmus Hornick and Mannerist silver of the 16th century  I/7:14
Silver mounts on firearms  I/8:13
The goldsmith’s designs of Hans Holbein  I/11:22
A William & Mary pattern-book for silversmiths  II/1:18
An introduction to heraldic engraving  II/2:43
Royal silversmiths of the Regency  II/3-4:58
The destruction of Nuremberg silver by the Goldsmiths’ Company  II/11-13:195

Hayward, Maria
The storage and transport of Oxford silver  11/245

Hennell, Percy
The Hennell family of silversmiths  I/11:3

Hill, Richard
A cone cut obliquely. The work of Michael Rowe 16/13
A conversation with Stanley Hill 19/151

Hofman, Louise
Contemporary Judaica made in Britain and America 21/127

Homer, Roger
See Rabinovitch, B. Seymour 4/160

Homer, Ronald
See Gadd, Jan 10/46

Hood, William P, Olso, John R. and Curb, Charles S.
Gorham's Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware 28/173

Hoyle, Ralph
Candlesticks for Sir William Heathcote  11/252

Hughes, Graham
Robert Welch obituary  12/143

Hull, Charles
Four missing cups  12/127

Hull, Robin
The Elkt, the Faup and the Jack o’Dells  15/155

Hunt, John
The Limerick mitre and crozier  I/9:25

Hunt, Simon
The diaries of Henry Ellis of Exeter  II/11-13:210

Hutchin, Scarlett
The Croll Testimonial: its history, construction and restoration 29/84

Hyman, John A.
Indian Colonial feeders 4/150
Skewers at Colonial Williamsburg 8/508
Marrow scoops and spoons at Colonial Williamsburg 9/602

Immonen, Visa
Goldsmiths and their products in Finland circa 1200 to 1600 25/84

Inglis, Brand
The Silversmiths of Lynn   II/7-8:135
An ostrich egg cup by Lawrence Gilbert of Colchester 9/570

Irmscher, Günther
Hans Petzolt and Christoph Jamnitzer: the collaboration of two
Nuremberg goldsmiths 4/147

James, Jolyon Warwick
The Collins caster: A Tasmanian survivor 2/71
A European heritage: nineteenth-century silver in Australia  15/133

Jenstad, Janelle Auriol
The Gouldesmythes Storehowse. Early evidence for specialisation 10/40

Johns, Peter
Firestain resistant silver alloys 10/106

Johnson, Paul
The Lyon and Twinam forgeries  III/1-2:25

Johnson, Sally
The Sussex Yeomanry, a collection of military plate 28/146

Jones, Bruce
Patterns of occupation around Goldsmiths’Hall 26/42
Sandylands Drinkwater: the progress of a smallworker establishing a business 28/50

Jones, Kathryn and Garibaldi, Christopher
Crespin or Sprimont ? A question revisited 21/25
Bruce Other societies 22/76

Jones, Kathryn
Prince Albert and Elkingtons 27/5

Jones, William Glyn
Silver for Spence’s Sussex University, 27/74

Jowett, Judy
The Warning Carriers 18/1
Trade cards @ 23/99
The Le Sage family of Goldsmiths circa 1695 to 1812 28/153

Kaellgren, Peter
Chinese Yixing stoneware teapots as a source of English Silver design 1675-1830 26/50
French influence in a toilet service by David Willaume 4/162
The Clayton family of goldsmiths and jewellers circa 1658-1743 9/590
Princess Amelia’s strainer 14/37
The Lee collection, Toronto  15/174
Royal Ontario Museum, Recent Acquisitions: Posy Holders 26/96

Kellett, Ronald
Thomas Harper — Masonic jeweller  II/3-4:67

Kelly, Rod
Silversmith 4/139

Kent, Timothy Arthur
Edward Sweet: a west country silversmith  II/5-6:100
The Goldsmiths of Falmouth  II/9-10:155
Gabriel Felling, goldsmith of Bruton  II/11-13:219
The Southcomb family spoon  III/1-2:38
The great days of Exeter silver: 1700—50  III/3:53
When goldsmiths dare — the story of a Taunton family  III/4:82
Salisbury silver and its makers 1550—1700  III/5:114
Some Tudor and Stuart wills and inventories  III/7-9:183
Exeter silver — the later phase 1750—1883  III/7-9:223
Decorative features of 17th century English provincial silver spoons  III/7-9:234
Salisbury silver and its makers 1550-1700 3/1
Warminster silver  10/20
West Country freedom boxes  13/103
A breast jewel of the Ancient Order of Free Gardeners  15/104
The Earl of Romney's silver: an important auction of 1704/05 16/81
Thomas Harper, Masonic jeweller and the jewels of his period 19/13
A snuff box with a story 22/101
From members' collections 22/101
Two Historic Boxes 27/83

- and Schrager, Luke
Thicker than water, the Chawners and their connections 25/33
Adam Murray and his two boxes: a family story 29/20

- and Wilson, Timothy
The Tichborne Celebrities 9/559

Kirkus, Sister M. Gregory
A recusant monstrance 9/582

Langdon, John
Notes on some Canadian silversmiths  I/3:11

Lopato, Marina
Notes on some celebrated pieces of English Silver in the Hermitage Collection 28/34

Latham, Patrick
Some comparisons: silver, glass and pottery  III/1-2:10

Law, Edward J.
Some provincial Irish silver lotteries 7/412

Le Rossignol, Peter
Bullion-dealing and trading in the eighteenth century 22/45

Lightbown, R.W.
Christian van Vianen at the court of Charles I  II/1:2

Lipscombe, S.
The old silver of Australia  I/7:7

Lösel, Eva Maria
Swiss Silver  III/7-9:203

Lomax, James
The grandeur of plate: four hundred years of country house silver
at Temple Newsam 6/256
Family silver returns to Temple Newsam 9/610
Royalty and silver: The role of the Jewel House in the eighteenth
century  11/133
Robert Rowe, Obituary 25/109

Malenka, Sally and Corbin, Donna
A Magnificent Deception: the re-evaluation of a pot à oille from the Parisian Service in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art 28/62

May, Brian - Phillips, Richard - Pemberton, Mandy, and O'Donnell, Craig
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

Mayhew, Nicholas
Currency and plate: Some thoughts based on Oxford coinage and
the Civil War  11/236

McFarlan, Gordon
Robert Gray & Son: goldsmiths of Glasgow  11/211

McKinley, David
AH crowned cinquefoil below and HA crowned cinquefoil below. A
possible attribution 16/77
The Pingo family and eighteenth-century hallmarking 19/41
See also Bell, Chris

Medvei, V.C.
Collecting silver in Roman days  I/7:19
The cult of the teaspoon  III/6:164
The military Maria-Teresa order  I/10:17
The mystery of the Beresford plate  I/9:24

Micio, Paul
Early French surtouts 19/79

Millner, Arthur
Bhuj silver  13/12

Mitchell, David
Marks, Manwarings and Moore: the use of the ‘AM in monogram’
mark 1650-1700  11/168
'To Alderman Backwells for the candlsticks for Mr Coventry’. The
manufacture and sale of plate at The Unicorn, Lombard
Street, 1663-72  12/111
See also Bimbenet-Privat, Michèle

Molyneux, Bridget
An Edwardian collection: Scandinavian folk jewellery at Preston
Manor 7/416

Montagu, Jennifer
The practice of Roman baroque silver sculpture  12/18

Mortlock, D.P.
Thomas Coke and the family silver 9/552

Morton, James
Commemorative medals 5/212

Morton, Lucy
The Gough tea caddies  11/256
The Journal 23/14
Miriam Hamid 29/114
Jenny Edge 29/116

Munro, Caroline
Collecting by two  I/8:4

Murdoch, Tessa
The Courtaulds: silversmiths for three generations 1708—80  III/4:88
Ducal splendour: silver for a military hero. The Elie Pacot ewer and basin made for John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough 22/5
Cricket Trophies 27/67
Silver at the French Hospital 25/63
The James II coronation cup and the culture of gifts and perquisites in Stuart and Hanoverian coronations 26/32

Needham, David
Old Sheffield plate and the early wine label 16/113

Mrs G.E.P. How 16/142

O’Brien, Conor
The early records of the Dublin Goldsmiths Company  12/80
Some misidentified Munster goldsmiths  13/31
In search of the Duke of Ormond’s wine cistern and fountain 15/63
See also Delamer, Ida
The ‘Plunkett’ spoons – a reappraisal 22/83

O'Donnell, Craig - Pemberton, Mandy - May, Brian and Phillips, Richard
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

Olso, John R., - Hood, William P, and Curb, Charles S.
Gorham's Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware 28/173

Oman, Charles
The influence of English silver on foreign silver  I/1:3
Some sidelights on the assay office in the reign of Charles II  I/3:12
The Ghent touch-plates and early London makers’ marks   I/7:13
The beginning of silver collecting  I/8:18
The civic gifts to Charles II  II/3-4:54
The nursery plate of the Old Pretender  II/3-4:66

Packer, Daniel
Christoph Jamnitzer's Metamorphosis beakers 16/57

Payne, Michael
The 1937 'Coronation hallmark' 29/103

Pearson, David
Bookbinders and goldsmiths: their tools and trade in Oxford  11/240

Kurt Ticher's research and collection of Irish silver 16/25

Pemberton, Mandy - May, Brian - Phillips, Richard and O'Donnell, Craig
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

Penzer, Norman
An index of English silver steeple cups  I/6:1

Percival, Piers
John Evans, maker of steeple cups  12/128
A set of Apostle statuettes  13/40
Maker's mark a heart. Could this be the work of Robert Amadas? 16/35

Perkins, John
Goldsmiths from Lancashire and York parish registers 29/5

Pestell, Tim
Silver and silverworking in Anglo-Saxon East Anglia 19/137

Peterkin, Keith Grant
A mystery spanning five hundred years  III/1-2:36

Phillips, Anthony
Turtle surfaces 9/616
Lying at the King of England’s feet and haunting the King of
Prussia’s elbow  13/95
Jean-Frédéric Baer’s cup  15/107
Yvonne Hackenbroch:an obituary 28/180

Phillips, Richard - May, Brian - Pemberton, Mandy, and O'Donnell, Craig
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

Piacenti, Kirsten Aschengreen
Medici mounted hardstone vessels in the Pitti Palace  5/206

Pinn, Keith
Paktong  12/38

Priestley, Philip
Early watchcase-makers and their marks 1631-1720 10/29
Watchcase-maker’s marks in the missing register of 1739-58  12/90
The early records of Birmingham Assay Office 16/103
See also Benedikz, Phyllis

Pudney, Stephen
Connell’s of Cheapside: ‘Pioneers of modern artistic silverware’  11/223
The Keswick School of Industrial Arts: A Victorian experiment
in artistic philanthropy 12/134

Quickenden, Kenneth
Boulton and Fothergill’s Silversmiths 7/342
Silver, ‘plated’ and silvered products from the Soho Manufactory,
1780 10/77
‘Lyon-faced’ candlesticks and candelabra 11/196
Boulton & Fothergill’s bullion supplies for assay silver 12/45
Elizabeth Montagu's service of plate Part 1 16/131
Elizabeth Montagu’s service of plate, part 2 19/19
Richard Chippindall and the Boultons 22/51

Rabinovitch, B.Seymour
The patina of antique silver, a scientific appraisal 1/13

- and Homer, Roger
A new gilding technique by use of gold sols 4/160

Renton, Andrew
Sir Charles Jackson 19/144

Richardson, Jackie
First day cup returns to Sheffield Assay Office 16/112
Léonard Morel Ladeuil  15/124

Ridgway, Maurice
Some Chester goldsmiths  I/9:6

Ringrose, Jayne, see Buckingham (above)

Risch-Stolz, Marianne
A Welcome to the Brother 5/235

Ritchie, Helen
A Superb Service of Toilette Plate': historicist plate in the Royal Collecton 28/101

Rock, Joe
Robert Gordon, goldsmith and Richard Cooper, engraver 19/49

Rothwell, James
An armorial epergne. The return of silver to Montacute House, Somerset 22/21
'A vast quantity of handsome plate': recent acquisitions by the National Trust 25/29
From Copes to Crowns: A History of Silver at Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire 27/17

Rowe, Robert
Neo-classical silver in England  I/5:1

Sachs, Sir Eric
Silver belonging to the Middle Temple  I/8:20

Sale, Anthony J.H.
Goldsmiths of Gloucestershire 1500-1800  2/74
Another Gloucester maker’s mark 4/146
Laceback trefid spoons 4/153
Records of plate of the Beaufort family in the Badminton House
archives and elsewhere  7/381
Laceback trefid spoons, a further note  13/61
Made in Gloucestershire 16/47
Four Nonconformist communion cups for Gloucester 19/78
The Sherborne archives 22/47
Silver in medieval probate inventories of the diocese of York 26/113

- and Brett, Vanessa
John White: some recent research 8/465

- and Thompson, Eleanor
The Duke of Beaufort’s surtout
by Thomas Germain 9/544

Salter, John
Salter, John The silversmiths of Banff and their marks  III/1-2:13
Salter, John Tain silversmiths 1660—1870  III/5:140
Silver in East Anglia  III/7-9:194
Salter, John The silver from Water Newton and the law of treasure trove  III/3:50

Sanders, G.S.
Sanders, G.S. An Admiralty barge badge of 1736  I/10:7
A gold cup  I/10:17

Savigny, Brigitte von
Daydreams and mermaids 2/81

Schrager, Luke
Recent research into the missing registers 10/62
The royal and aristocratic patronage of Wakelin & Tayler, 1776-92 21/87
Silver ephemera - a rare survival 23/116
Elizabeth Jackson/Oldfield 101

– and Kent, Timothy
Thicker than water: The Chawners and their connections 25/33
Adam Murray and his two boxes: a family story 29/20

Schroder, Timothy
Sixteenth century English silver; some problems of attribution  III/1-2:40
Paul de Lamerie: businessman or craftsman? 6/267
‘Rich, fierce and greedy for glory’: Court goldsmiths’ work in the
early years of Henry VIII 8/435
The Duke of Sussex and his collection 14/40
Obituary: Arthur Grimwade  15/4
Silver and the Church (special issue) J 17
Evidence without documents: patterns of ornament in rococo
and Regence silver 20/58
letter to editor 23/22
The Cockayne Cups 28/5

Schroder, Timothy and Vanderpump, Richard
David Brand Inglis: an obituary 29/127

Seelig, Lorenz
The Dinner Service made for George III by Robert-Joseph Auguste and Frantz-Peter Bundsen: neo-Classical goldsmiths' work in Paris, London and Hanover 28/76

Sherratt, Michael
A church — a trowel 22/103
From members' collections 22/103

Shifman, Barry
Museum acquisition /Indianapolis 15/169

Shirley, Pippa
The Macclesfield wine set 10/112

Shlosberg, David
Sugar nips, nippers or tea tongs — and a specialist maker  15/119

Silfverstolpe, Susann
Swedish or English? Another look at the work of Andrew
Fogelberg 6/290

Sinsteden, Thomas
Four selected assay records of the Dublin Goldsmiths’ Company  11/143
Household plate of the dukes of Ormonde 23/123
Surviving Dublin assay records. Part 2 (1708-48) 16/87

Slattery, Fiona
Museum acquisition /Perth  15/170

Sloane, Jeanne
Competition and craft; silversmithing in Bermuda  13/18

Smith, Eric J.G.
Jacob Bodendick  13/66
Jacob Bodendeich  14/109
Richard Blackwell & Son 15/19
The subject of much controversy. The Founder's Cup at Oriel
College, Oxford 16/65
London goldsmiths in John Stow’s Survey 19/117
Temp. Anne Boleyn. The cup in Cirencester parish church 22/91

Smith, Richard
Thomas Sadler  13/94

Snowman A. Kenneth
Peter Carl Fabergé — decorator extraordinary  II/5-6:86
Snowman, A. Kenneth The gold snuffboxes of Paris  III/1-2:2

Sousa, Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e
Oporto’s Rococo silversmith  15/100
Luiz Ferreira and Manuel Alcino. Two twentieth-century
silversmiths in Oporto 16/19

Southwick, Leslie
‘DD’ A silver hilt-maker identified (?)  11/193
Sword of Richard Twining signed Yardley 7/392
The silver vases awarded by the Patriotic Fund 1/27
Wellington’s freedom box for Salamanca 8/502
William Badcock, goldsmith and hilt-maker 9/584
New Light on John Linnit, goldsmith, jeweller and boxmaker 23/73

Spink, Michael
Silver filigree from Cuttack 2/65

Stein, Fabian
Weights on Continental silver  9/576

Stewart, Graham
The Metropolitan Mace 89

Stone, Jonathan M. L.
1697 and all that  III/6:161
The so-called London Forgery Group spoons  I/10:3

Strong, Donald
Silver of the Roman period  I/8:9

Tait, Hugh
The advent of the two-handled cup; the Croft cups  II/11-13:202
A parcel-gilt ‘livery pot’ of 1578  III/3:63
The use of filigree and granulation on Jacobean plate  III/3:63
The Wyndham Ewer and Basin and subsequent additions to Tudor
and Stuart silver plate at the British Museum 5/195

Tanner, Sarah
A man who never was  2/89
Paul Storr: his master and apprentices  6/277

Taylor, Clive
George Smith of Huggin Lane: a Georgian silver bucklemaker 26/60

Taylor, Gerald
Some London platemakers’ marks 1558—1624  III/4:97

Tebbe, Karin
Nuremberg marks in the late eighteenth century  15/73
On growing flowers, stylistic howlers and tulip cups 16/53

Thompson, Eleanor
French silver in the Musée du Louvre 2/67
See also Sale, Anthony J.H.
The Wellby Bequest: memories of Michael 29/125

Thornton, Dora
The Waddesdon Bequest as a neo-Kunstkammer of the nineteenth century 23/57

Ticher, Kurt
Irish silver  I/7:5
Some Limerick oddities  II/7-8:142

Timann, Ursula
About candlestick cups 15/12

Tobin, Sophia
"These six sheets of paper". Some biographical insights from the will of Thomas Heming 26/58

Turner, Guy
Lord Pembroke’s inventory of 1561  11/189

Twist, Anthony
James Bult and his partners 1774-1864 25/94
Towards the Patriotic Fund 26/75, 27/16

Udy, David
The influence of Charles Heathcote Tatham  II/5-6:104

Unwin, Joan
The Goodwin silver competitions 22/67

Vander, Henry
Hand-forging flatware  II/1:22
The model of HMS Victory  I/11:28
The technique of Chasing  I/3:9
Victorian figure casting  II/2:44

Vander, Richard
Old Sheffield Plate  I/10:5
Some Sheffield silversmiths  II/7-8:118

Vanderpump, Richard and Schroder, Timothy
David Brand Inglis: an obituary 29/127

Vaughan Lewis, Maggie and William
Rebecca Emes: New Discoveries 25/74

Vickers, Michael
Roman faceted silver and its relationship to rock crystal and
glass 8/462

Vitali, Ubaldo
Beyond the secret traditions: the evolution of styles and techniques
in the art of the goldsmith  12/8
Retooling for the rococo: assembling the complex network of talents, skill and
language to express the new style 20/72

Walker, Ben
New work 19/160

Wallis, Rosemary Ransome
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and its patronage of the
art medal today 5/217

Warner, Christopher
Tumbler cups at Lotherton Hall  11/254

Warshawsky, Lee
Museum acquisition /Portland 15/172

Wees, Beth Carver
English silver in an American museum, The Sterling and
Francine Clark Art Institute 4/115

Weinstein, Rosemary
A goldsmiths’ widow of the 1670s 10/50

Wenley, Robert
The Paston treasures 19/131

Westwood, A. Hamil
An assayer’s notes  I/11:6

Whipham, Thomas
Behind the wallpaper  13/109

Wilkinson, Wynyard
Benjamin Schlick 19/5
The key to Gibraltar, 54

Wilmot, D.G.U. de B
The assembly of a canteen  II/1:23
An exercise in collecting  I/9:4

Wilmot, R.T.D.
The Dorrien Cup  I/8:22

Wilson, Muriel
John Bonnor (1875-1917) 15/126

Wilson, Timothy
See Kent, Timothy

Winterbottom, Matthew
(and Alfred Hagemann) New discoveries concerning the Berlin silver buffet 22/117

Wood, L.J. Cardew-
Calcutta silver  I/2:6

Young, Hilary
The silver designs of Sir William Chambers: a resumé and recent
discoveries 7/335
Philip Cornman: a biographical note 8/481